Into the Woods

baguio_cjh_ootd_01Rbaguio_cjh_ootd_05R baguio_cjh_ootd_03R baguio_cjh_ootd_02Rbaguio_cjh_ootd_04RIt’s been a while. I have been itching to put more content in this blog site for the longest time but can’t seem to find a reasonable amount of time to do so. Work, errands and whole lot of other responsibilities that need more attention than blogging always get in the way. At any rate, today is quite a freedom day as there really isn’t much to worry about at work. So if you are reading this, you can probably imagine me slouching on some office armchair patiently waiting for 5 o’clock to kick in.

Let’s move right into the post. Early in August, we went back up the highlands to attend a wedding ceremony. Needless to say, at least once every year, we make it a point to travel to this place dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines. Simply because we love the weather, the smell of the dried pine twigs and cones and most of all, the food. Couple that with an old school playlist and you’re on your way to oblivion. I brought with me 3 sets of outfit as we felt this trip would be a good opportunity to do #ootd shoot. Given that we are checking in to one of the city’s prestige hotel, it’s a no brainer that their grounds will be a perfect backdrop for the content.

Thanks for dropping by.

Ray-Ban Aviator || Zara jacket || Gap jeans || Vans sneakers || Bracelet by Aldo || Uniqlo shirt || Watch : Swiss Expedition Tungsten

Photos taken by Cessie Agdeppa Sigua

Canon 5DMKII + 85mm F1.8

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